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  • What Hair Color Should You Have?
    Your Result: Black 87%

    Your hair should be black!!!! You would look awesome!! It would look great with your eye color! It describes your personality and sometimes your actions (it depends). Your smart, pretty, fun, popular, mysterious, and a bit crazy.

    I have green-yellow eyes, which would look good with black. Pretty accurate description, especially the mysterious part, but I'm not that popular! But really good quiz, AWESOME FOR A FIRST QUIZ!

  • Honestly I wouldn't want blue/green as my hair color, BUT this quiz was so accurate because I love those colors and the personality matches so well!! Great job!!

    Angel Fox
  • I got purple; yeah, the description describes me well and that's also my favorite color! Good job, this quiz was accurate :)

  • Black. Sometimes I wish it was :P

  • Green/Blue

    Yeah, I love turquoise. xD I wouldn't mind that as a hair color. Not sure if my hair stylist would want to do it though.

  • hehe..I got green/blue as a result,91%...but I was really hoping that there's red as a result..

  • Purple hair XD and dont be so hard on yourself it was a good quiz

    Miss carrot

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