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  • got emma now better im a mix of every mermaid but cleo cleo is my lest fav my first fav 1 rikki 2 bella and emna 3 cleo i dont like cleo

    united states Oct 10 '13, 12:22AM
  • untrue i got cleo and tha results were the co'plete oppisote of me i think im a mix betwenn rikki emma ad bella because like rikki sometimes i have a short temper bella because i can be bossy bella because im sweet and i love to sing oh yah

    united states Sep 2 '13, 12:32AM
  • great quiz! i got emma even though i play cleo in the show great quiz cya soon! :)

    phoebe tonkin Dec 22 '11, 5:53PM
  • Emma. So true. Great quiz.

    Ebillan Apr 12 '09, 1:44PM

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