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  • Shy girl,not really shy more so loner like. I can talk if I wanna I just hate being around people due to my past. I just find being alone more beneficial and relaxing to me anyway. Cool quiz mate.

  • I got Popular Girl verdict and I am very happy though I am a male as I always considered myself as a woman and like to dress up as one whenever possible.

  • It is right. I am pretty smart.

    Shining Angel
  • What Girl Are U?
    Your Result: Shy Girl

    You are a shy girl.You like to stay out of the crowd.You have 1-2 friends.At home you like to read a book or cuddle with a pet.You are the person you want to be.

    76% Smart Girl
    22% Popular Girl

    Shining Angel
  • I got 88% shy girl and I'm happy though I am a male. I do love doing things that girls do. I happy painting my nails. I love shopping, but don't like crowds. I don't like fighting.


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