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  • I'm Luke followed with frodo Baggins and peter parker, but I think I'm more of a peter parker than luke so I think I would switch those... Really fun quiz to do!!

    Sky54999 Jan 10 '19, 10:43AM
  • I got Luke Skywalker, and the funny thing is, Luke is my name. Ha. Ha Ha Ha.

    Hurrinado Oct 22 '18, 1:54PM
  • Sherlock Holmes followed by robin hood

    meowmeowm Nov 2 '13, 11:32AM
  • Robin Hood, followed by Sherlock Holmes and Luke Skywalker. Very true!

    Kepler Aug 31 '12, 1:07PM
  • I'm Spider Man! He's really cute in the new movie.

    katd13 Jul 27 '12, 7:11AM
  • I came out as Sherlock Holmes. How fitting, considering my username...

    Sherlock May 19 '10, 10:47AM
  • YES! LUKE! Though...I want Anakin really. (Why is Luke here anyway?)

    SimlishSammy May 12 '10, 7:01PM
  • Yeah! I got Robin Hood.

    skittles15 May 11 '10, 8:00PM
  • LUKE, I AM YOUR FATHER! such an overused phrase.... no wonder he was never popular xD

    NitroSpeed May 7 '10, 10:01PM
  • L-A-M-E

    ruffles138 Apr 23 '10, 7:59PM
  • Luke isn't much of a hero really... more of a zero... especially with what he did in the series after the movies... I just wanted the lightsaber XD

    paradox4 Apr 12 '10, 11:49AM

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