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  • Gray Wolf

    You are the powerful Grey Wolf! Your eyes are a Hazel and your snout is marked with black. You have huge white eagle wings. You are cunning, and have only one friend. Though you are powerful, you also rely to much on the spirit world to tell you what to do next. If you want to be next leader, you need to figure it out for yourself

    Didn't know wolves had wings.... This quiz was kinda confusing if you ask me. Like what I got, dunno what the gods n leader mean

  • Fairy,I might appear scrawny and weak but am actually very brave and strong mentally and physically. I am also very adventurous and self reliant on myself too. Cool quiz anyways mate.

  • i got water serpent, and great quiz! The description is beautiful and majestic. C:

  • Black and white tiger. I like the quiz. And nice description. ;)

  • I got the fairy. The discription was brilliant and well detailed!!! Great job

    Talking wolf
  • Thanks. you just made my day!


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