What evolution member are you

This is a test about one of the most greatest factions of all time, evolution. What member are you? Take this quiz and you will find out for your self.

I am only a genius in some things. One of them is wrestling. I love the WWE and this quiz will take you on a journey of 3 to 4 superstars that formed evolution.

Created by: Syer

  1. What is your finisher?
  2. What year did you like evolution best?
  3. Do you like evolution at all?
  4. What member of evolution you hate most?
  5. What member of evolution you like most?
  6. If evolution broke up, who would you join forces with?
  7. What faction would be a great threat to evolution?
  8. What woman would you date?
  9. What member would you eliminate?
  10. Did you like the test?

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Quiz topic: What evolution member am I