Evolution of the Prisons

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Check your understanding. Do you even dare to take the quiz on the Evolution of Prisons? Just how much have you studied or researched on the subject of the prison history?

Have you learned anything about the prison system? To understand before looking ahead, you must look behind. Take the quiz in the Evolution of Prisons.

Created by: Derek Dowling

  1. U.S. prisons moved toward prison industries around 1980.
  2. Corporal punishment was a primary means to control and extract revenge from offenders.
  3. Community-based prison reform, from about 1967-1980, resulted in less institutionalized solutions and the concept of:
  4. The warehousing era of the 80s and 90s, Nothing-works Doctrine, is more concerned with incapacitation than rehabilitation.
  5. The first federal prison was opened in Leavenworth, Kansas, in what year?
  6. One of the most popular prison in the world was built in 1850, what is the name of the prison?
  7. The federal Bureau of Prisons has how many security classifications for federal institutions?
  8. Who created designs for his "perfect prison", where government could spy on unknowing inmates?
  9. Federal Prison Industries was established in what year?
  10. The first Bureau of Prison maximum security prison was established in 1934.

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