How Evolved Are You?

Most of us think of evolution in the physical sense, but true evolution occurs spiritually and mentally. We no longer act as we did in the prehistoric age because of our advancement yet we still have much to learn

Are you a Master such as Jesus, Buddha or Mohammad? Are you intouch with the greater good, the Divine and the unconditional love of the creator? Take this quiz and discover where you are in your evolutionary development.

Created by: Reva

  1. What does your diet consist of?
  2. Which vice do you currently have?
  3. I most enjoy the following activity
  4. When faced with injustice I am quick to
  5. The problems of the world are mostly due to
  6. I act on impulse
  7. I tend more to believe something is true because of
  8. Intuition is
  9. I am careful to conduct myself with
  10. I tend to be
  11. I know right from wrong because
  12. My goal in life is to

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Quiz topic: How Evolved am I?