Which FLCL Character are you

Anime has been around for a while. It evolved from the japanese art of manga comic books. There are many animes but we are focusing on only one. When you here of the Anime FLCL what do you think?

Do you think your Canti, Haoto, or Haruko? Do you like sour drinks, or sweet drinks. Do you somtimes feel like you have no brain. To know, just take this quiz. Answer some questions and youll know who youre most like.

Created by: Colton Sullivan

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  1. Do you like classic guitars or stream lined
  2. Do you like sour or sweet drinks
  3. Would you get eaten by a robot to save the world
  4. Do you have a brother
  5. Do you like gun fights
  6. Do you fight for loved ones or friends
  7. Are you violent
  8. Do you get big pimples or make people break out?
  9. Do you ride a moped
  10. Do you have a cat or like cats

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Quiz topic: Which FLCL Character am I