How far have you evolved on this planet

How evolved are you spiritually and mentally? This world is a hard one to live in, but dose it have to be? What would you be on your way to helping this planet? how far do you think you are along the road to high evolution? Try my Quiz and find out!

Are you Evolved? Do you have the mentality to ascend to the heavens because your so far along the mental and spiritual plane then everyone else? Find out! Take my Quiz!

Created by: Sara

  1. It's a beautiful day out side the first day of summer so you...
  2. You are at a shopping center and someone throw's their trash on the ground right in front of the trash bin! You...
  3. A spiritual guru starts talking to you in hope's you are interested in meditating and finding your inner self and spiritual happiness you..
  4. You find yourself out with a friend who want's to take you to the forest on a nature hike you..
  5. You are invited to do yoga and tai chi, and learn fitness balance and energy, you..
  6. You are visited in a dream by your spirit guide, and realize you have one! And the things he said were dead on!you...
  7. you have just won two hundred million dollars and you have was to make a ton more by investing, you are asked to donate large amounts to help fund programs to save the planet and the poor people. you..
  8. you have plenty of money, and someone asks you if you can spare some to help them out, just a little for food.
  9. You are at a dark musty museum and you see a ghost! for the first time there it is and you saw one!
  10. you have the choice to eat healthy and organic, the food is really good as long as you buy the right stuff and you'll live way longer for it.

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