Satanism For The Evolved

If you think Satanism is all about devil worship and blood sacrifices and hatred towards the world, you missed your turn at the Stereotype office down the hall. Satanists are an evolved breed, guilty of nothing worse than pride and self-interest.

Do you know horror schlock and brimstone from the real ideas driving evolved Satanism? This quiz serves as a very elementary measuring tool. Basically this is measuring how much of what is real do you know or can you deduce. There is no peril to your immortal soul involved.

Created by: Thea
  1. Which of the following closely echoes the central theme of Satanism?
  2. What kind of behavior does Satanism advocate?
  3. Can you be a Satanist if you have never destroyed a Christian Bible?
  4. Is the Devil, or Satan, literally real?
  5. Is Satanism a legally-sanctioned religion?
  6. How many kinds of Satanic thought are there?
  7. Where do Satanists go when they die?
  8. Are all serial killers Satanists?
  9. What do Satanists say/write to express their path?
  10. In the end, who really cares whether you embrace Satanism or not?

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