Are you a 23rd century Goth?

There are many types of Goths, but, the modern Goth takes on the traditional ways of Goths, handed down in the middle ages, as well as shaped by Germany's Nazi era. 23rd century goths have moved past that point, and revived the past gothic era with blogs, writings, books, ect.

Are you one of these evolved Goths? Does the sector of your subculture reflect the real meaning of Goth in the 23rd century? have you truly evolved into what will be a true Goth? Find out here!!

Created by: Larry C. Landers
  1. What country do you associate Goth to?
  2. Are you a..
  3. Do you..
  4. Do you..
  5. As a goth, do you consider yourself
  6. As a goth, is your culture based upon
  7. Are you..
  8. Do you..
  9. Do you..
  10. Are you interested in:

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Quiz topic: Am I a 23rd century Goth?