are you gothic????????

"There are many dar goths, but few true goths. goth is, afterall, quite darkening. What is a goth? well in my friends eyes A goth is someone who has an extraordinarily dark and depressed life, and only solve problems with pain, and see's mostly everybody thats not goth as an conformist XD

"Are YOU a goth? Ddo you have that depressing life that shows it? untile now for you to wonder. But thanks to this great quiz, you will ether die from boredness or find your iner goth XD"

Created by: kaytlin -_-'
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  1. do you ever feel like you heart has been riped in half and stabed with a golden knife
  2. have you ever had the urge to cut yourself but thought it would be bad because of your parents..
  3. have you ever been to hot topic to give your hair streaks or buy a goth arm warmer or ect.
  4. do you ever right poems about pain....
  5. do you think your goth or are you taking this quize to find out???
  6. do people ever call you "emo freak" "goth kid"
  7. do you like mcr (my chemical romance) or bands like KoRn and metalica??
  8. do you realy even like this quiz?? XD
  9. -_-" do you like how goth people look like there style
  10. if you were stuck in a room with gerard way what would you do??
  11. LAST Q. -_-""""""" will you realy beleve this quix's results??

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Quiz topic: Am I gothic????????