Are you 23rd Century?

The new paradigm shift is comming soon. About the year 2070. Are you ready? After the 3 signs shown here from the years 2006, to 2070, alot is going to change. Test yourself here, and prepare for the new world destiny!!

Are you 23rd century? Do you have what it takes to be a part of the next paradigm? In the 1850's the banning of slavery prepared us for this new paradigm, here in the United States. In the 1910's that generation started it's quest to completely transform out world, starting with president Teodore Rosevelt. Those who were not pepared vanished in the great depression. now, it's your chance. Take the quiz that will change your perspective of the world!!

Created by: Larry Landers
  1. Are you optimistic at work?
  2. Do you feel that there are limitations to how much fun you have?
  3. Did you ever suddenly change households?
  4. Were you ever a disruptive influence in the household?
  5. Do you have spiritual objectives and very litterate?
  6. Do you suffer Asthma, or other lung, nerve, or mental disorder?
  7. Are you very sensitive, and easy to distract?
  8. can you be decieved by friends or the public?
  9. was there any potential for violence in your household?
  10. Was your house, or home, demoloshed?
  11. Do you find it hard to concentrate at work, or your habits?
  12. Does your work ethic get in the way of family?
  13. Is your objective to exceed all limitations through science?
  14. Are you agressive and secretive when you have fun?
  15. Have you ever thought about death, or had near death experiences as a child?
  16. Astral Projection as a kid?

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Quiz topic: Am I 23rd Century?