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  • Your Result: Water

    You are Water! You are intelligent, emotional, and usually stay calm. You can use action when you need to, but you recognize that violence isn't always the best solution. You are logical, so you take situations slowly, picking apart every little detail. You like to follow the rules. You can be a great leader.

    That actually does sound a lot like me! :-)

    elf maiden
  • You are Wind! You are mindful, fun, and always stay calm. You believe that words are always the best way to solve a problem, action leads to chaos. You aren't always logical, but you have somewhat of a pacifist nature. You know that doing what's right is the best option. You are truly a great friend, and love to have fun.

    A lot like me! And about the logical part, that's kinda true, because I believe in ghosts and stuff.


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