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  • I OWN A DRAGON!!! THEY ARE NOT 'LIGHT DRAGONS' OR WHATEVER THE HELL YOU PUT THERE!!!! THERE ARE MARSUPIAL DRGONS, CHINESE LUNG DRAGONS, KOREAN YONG (WHICH HYPNOTIZES IT'S PREY), EUROPEAN, FROST, DWARF, KNUCKER, HUMMING DRAGON, BUSH DRAGON, WATER DRAGON, AND SO MANY MORE!!!! NOT 'DARK DRAGON' OR WHATEVER!!!!!!! WAAAAAAAAAHHH!!! GET IT RIGHT YOU DOPE!!!!!!!!! oops.... did I lose my temper again?? sorry about that. Your quiz is good. Sorry if I sounded mean, but it's true. There aren't just 'forest dragons' or things like that. They have actual titles. I happen to own a European dragon, which I know all about as well as the ones I... um... LISTED before. My dragon's name is Night and she cannot smile. Most dragons don't have lips. But she can talk. Most dragons can. Some are telepathic. And... some are useless. If you have one of those ornery dragons. She can fly, too. We fly at night while my parents are asleep. You don't want to know how I hide her from them (they're always asking where the meat and potatoes (she likes potatoes. Who knew???) are disappearing to.) Gotta go. Night is getting antsy. gotta fly!

  • Since I was born during twilight
    I love the fact that the my wanted dragon
    has a connection with moonlight
    one question though..

    what is teh gender of my dagon..? MAle or female?

  • Kool quiz. Check mine out. It's "What is your pet dragon."

    DA MAN 383

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