What do you know about scape?

Ah, Heroscape. The battle of all time. My favorite game. Do you like it too? If you do. Try taking a look at the next paragraph. But, if you don't take a look anyway. Note: If you like wargames. Heroscape is the greaest game...Ever...

Take my new quiz if you think you really are a heroscaper. It'll be fun. Lets see what everyone knows. Shall we? Don't know that much? Go look up some more about it. Don't worry my friend. You'll be back...You'll be back.

Created by: Nathify
  1. Lets start out easy, Is aquilla an evil general?
  2. How many figures follow aquilla?
  3. Where does the war take place?
  4. How many points is Sujoah worth?
  5. Where are the fields of fire?
  6. What has the least worth out of these figures?
  7. Who was the first to summon someone through a wellspring?
  8. What is Valhalla?
  9. Where was aquilla first seen?
  10. This year is 2009, how long has heroscape been out?

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Quiz topic: What do I know about scape?