Ten Stars with a side of comment, please!

I would really enjoy a ten star rating. And a comment. And thats why this quiz was created, at least in the beginning.... This latest work by thisismyquiz (continued in second paragraph)

(continued from first paragraph) Is actually what turned out to be a game. The creator didn't know it would become this when it came time to start, but somehow, it morphed into a fun game!

Created by: thisismyquiz

  1. There is honestly no point to this quiz, Sir/Madam.
  2. I'm just asking for a simple ten stars
  3. And a side of comment.
  4. Now that I've ordered my meal, theres nothing to do but order a drink!
  5. You can pick the drink.
  6. Hand me my drink please!
  7. My meals ready? Terrific!
  8. Now I'd like dessert. Cheesecake, please.
  9. Thank you for a delicious meal and a wonderful time! Can I get a Ten Star rating and a comment combo to go, please?
  10. Next time I'll be the waiter, okay?

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