Chapter First: Cry while hoping

Here's a new series I've made. I hope you enjoy it. If you do, tell me so I can make the next part! (continued in the grand splendid second paragraph)

And here we are in the required second paragraph that is required of second paragraphs. Here we fo, now! (I meant: Here we GO now!) Whoops, typo! My bad'

Created by: thisismyquiz

  1. "Kilylone, Derina, Willshure. It is up to you." whispered Father. Little did we know that last whisper would haunt us for so long....
  2. Hello. My name is Derina. I was twelve years old when all of this happened, and I shall tell you of the adventures my brothers and I had.
  3. Father had oddly gathered all his belongings in a large sack, got Mother, who was still nursing baby Ephraim, and whispered those words. Then he mysteriously left in the black of night.
  4. We all returned to bed, sleepyeyed, and wondered. And in the morning, a messenger from King Felm showed up at our door. Sixteen year-old Kilylone greeted him. "You are not safe, citizen of Far Heights Realm. There are attackers in this land, out to get us all. You must fight for yourself." and the messenger left.
  5. So now, you'll get a chance to be in my shoes. Get ready!
  6. (For the moment being, your are Derina Serhurst). You are utterly alarmed. Kilylone shut the door in a daze. "Gosh, is it terrible, Ly?" asked Willshure, or just plain Will. "Mm? I don't know. But I feel we ought to do something." Kilylone drew Father's sword. "Noble and Fair brother and sister, will you join me in this endeavor?" Kilylone half-joked. You and Will nod.
  7. Kilylone and Will grabbed swords, but you carefully selected a slingshot, which your brothers laughed at. You scowled. Who cared what they thought? But just in case, you also get a Bow and a quiver of arrows.
  8. "What now?" you ask. Kilylone looks sheepish . "I don't know-" he began. Someone had thrown a rock through the window. You gaped. Your brothers ran outside, and you followed. You caught a glimpse of a scarlet garment disapear behind a rock. You aimed with your bow, and at exactly the right moment, shot and hit the garment. The scarlet-clad person fled. You smiled a bit. It was a small victory, but a victory at that. Kilylone was proud. You all walked down to the meadow. When you got there, Kilylone fell over an old animal trab and his leg bled awfully and turned an odd shade. You cried for your brother.
  9. As you and Will dragged Kilylone to a nearby cave, you hoped and silently prayed that your brothers leg would be healed. You knew the battle against the odd scarlet clad man-or perhaps MEN, wouldn't be easy, and neither would your brother's injury. But you had to learn to cry while hoping.
  10. (You are now back in your shoes.) Well, thats all for now. More later.
  11. (You are now back in your shoes.) Well, thats all for now. More later.

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