your ghost life(chapter 2)

Okay so this is chapter2 of your ghost life this time you meet someone it can be a shy boy,your best friend,or some twins and they can see you with makes you happy to know so this is like the real part one

Are you ready for chapter2? well you better be cause its here!! lol hope you like part/chapter 2 and this time you meet someone who can se you yay for that well enjoy

Created by: fufe123

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  1. how did you die?
  2. (okay now the real stuff)
  3. so now your crying and dont knoow what to do until you hear someone say its okay you look up and you see....
  4. (you see who ever you pick)"you can see me?"you ask with a smile they nod there head and youwant to hug them with joy but when you try to hug them you just go throw them so then you face them and they give you a sweet smile then say.....
  5. (later on) you float around your town and see your friends hanging out and talking how much they missed you..then you see the preson that could see you and went over to them"hey again"you say with a smile"hey"they said back you sit next to them "so what up?"you ask they take out a book and write nothing on it you say okay and then they get up writing follow me on the paper you nod and then...
  6. you follow them to a house you guess its there "this my place"they say so you where right they take out there keys and walk in the house you follow them up to there room there room is....
  7. THE NEXT DAY.... you talk about what happen and tthey tell you how they started to see ghost after a few they get ready for school and eat befor walking to school like they always did once there ready and out the door you follow them and you talk nonstop until you get to school the first bell rings and they head to class saying bye to you
  8. now that your alone you go threw classes and listen to other peoples convo while there in the hall you see another ghost near a locker and you go up to him and say hi and then...
  9. he gives you a smile and say hey back"so your the one that died"he ask you nod not wanting to talk he tells you what he do and you just nod your head..the bell rings to say its time to go and you say bye to ghost boy remembering you didnt get his name you go to(who ever can see you) and go to a park and then...
  10. and then youll find out more in chapter 3 of your ghost life!
  11. bye bye rate/comment

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Quiz topic: My ghost life(chapter 2)