your ghost life(chapter1)

YOU MUST READ BOTH! ARE YOU ready to find out how you trun into a ghost in this quiz? well take this right here!its just yes and no questions so its not alot of ready...YET hope you enjoy cuz i "enjoyed" making this quiz lol jk jk

have you ever wanted to fell how its like being a ghost?well chapter one is just finding how you became one but in chapter two youll start your life as a ghost well bye bye and enjoy this quiz*laughs evlily*

Created by: fufe123

  1. do you cross the street on red lights
  2. you got a dog
  3. do you get in fights with girls/boys in school
  4. are you all bout being safe
  5. do you take short cuts home
  6. do you go to the park
  7. do you think you did good
  8. well you rate/comment
  9. did you like this quiz
  10. bye bye

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Quiz topic: My ghost life(chapter1)