Heroscape Trivia

How well do you know Heroscape? Test your knowledge now. Are you a newbie or a pro? Only this quiz will give you the answers. Ps. If you answer them all right you get to see Raelin naked!!!!

Heroscape has many warriors. Do you know them all? Take this quiz and find out how much you really do know about the game called Heroscape. Haven't you clicked here yet? come on and click here already!

Created by: ethan
  1. We'll start easy. What general does Krug fight for?
  2. What type of creature is currently not a heroscape figure?
  3. Heroscape is made by...
  4. This summer (2009)what will be released/re-released?
  5. The shades of Bleakewoode have how many defense?
  6. Whose journal can be read at the Heroscape official website?
  7. What Robot has Rapid Fire Special Attack?
  8. Ever Marro with their last syllable "Sa" is...
  9. Grimnak's vision start's from...
  10. What costs the least...
  11. The first line in the heroscape online journal is...
  12. The spiders have a height of...
  13. Which general is the only one with two dragons?
  14. How many girl vampires are there?
  15. Hasbro has officially named one of the Airborne Elite the following...
  16. Guilty McCreech has a range of...
  17. Experience markers for the ability Bloodlust are what color?
  18. Only one of any unique army card many be on the battlefield at any time.
  19. Which general has the most figures currently?
  20. What's the dumbest idea Hasbro has had with heroscape? (according to me marro_shaman)

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