What do you know about Mozart's life?

Who was the most genius composer of all time? Without a doubt, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart still holds the spot and solidly. His genius still eludes experts, scholars and laymen to this day.

How much do you know about this extraordinary man? This is not about his prolific music but details about the man's life that are intriguing. Take the quiz. If you miss some questions, please learn by looking at the answers.

Created by: LokiFan
  1. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was born, raised and died in Austria. But where was his father born?
  2. Mozart married Constanze Weber but she wasn't his first and true love. Who was she and what career did she pursue?
  3. Mozart was known to have some rather eccentric behaviors. Which of the following was Mozart reported to have done at a party?
  4. What experience eluded and profoundly affected Mozart; an experience that he would often recall in detail in conversations and letters to loved ones?
  5. There was one musical instrument that terrified the young Mozart. His father and acquaintances shared that this instrument, when played actually caused the young boy to faint.
  6. Which of the following is not true about Mozart, the composer?
  7. When Mozart heard music and singing 'out of tune' or 'off key' he would often get physically ill.
  8. Which illness do experts who have studied the life of Mozart believe that he had?
  9. How many children did he and Constanze' have? Have many of them lived?
  10. In the musical and film about Mozart's life called 'Amadeus', Antonio Salieri is Mozart's obsessed and jealous enemy. There was no such conflict between the two composers, actually.
  11. Mozart was very opposed to the Lutheran church, proclaiming that the Roman Catholic Church was right. He voiced his view with strong emotion.
  12. Mozart's middle name 'Amadeus' was found to be only used once when he was alive. It is the Latin for his middle name, Gottlieb. Most of his adult life, he preferred 'Amade' (French).
  13. Mozart died at the age of 35 of
  14. Mozart fell very ill while completing a final musical work he was commissioned to compose. The work was

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