Do you really know about Mozart?? Let's see if those music classe

Mozart is a universal character. Many fans adore his works of art. However others just fall asleep. Some of Mozarts accomplishments are not known. But hopefully this quiz is easy for you.

This quiz is 80% about Mozart or things relating to Mozart. Some of it is just stupid questions about me, which I can understand if you don't get. But take the quiz and find out!

Created by: Rachel

  1. Wilfgang Amadeus Mozart was considered to be a child prodigy.
  2. Mozart was born in
  3. It's a rumor that this person killed Mozart.
  4. What motion picture won 8 academy awards (psst, it's one of my favorite movies, but becareful of what you choose)
  5. What was the approximate time, month, date and year of Mozarts death.
  6. Is Mozart really my favorite composer?
  7. Since i can't think of anything else, here are some stupid questions. What is my name.
  8. Did I ever have a pet?
  9. Was this quiz hard? Just answer yes.
  10. How do you say "bye" in french? Not the formal way. the informal way.

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Quiz topic: Do I really know about Mozart?? Let's see if those music classe