Are you a creature of habit?

For some, life is a cycle. For others, it is an adventure. Some agree with both points of view. How we go through life and how we act has an impact on what life is to us.

Are you one of those content to do the same tasks every day, or do you long for change? Hopefully this quiz can provide the uncertain with an accurate amswer.

Created by: Kate

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  1. The club (school, town, etc) has moved it's meeting place! Ever since the change, how many times do you accidentally go to the old meeting place?
  2. In your school years, did you ever go to the past year's classes instead of your current?
  3. You win the lottery! What prize do you choose?
  4. On a roadtrip, your car brakes down. When you call your insurance, they tell you the nearest towtruck company is two hours away, but will arive as soon as possible. What do you do while you wait?
  5. Your friend inviites you to a party tomorrow at 5:00-6:30. That is when you usually get your work done. Do you break your schedule and go to the party, or are you too busy?
  6. What do you do in your free time?
  7. What type of job would you prefere?
  8. When you wake up, has it become a ritual to (insert morning activity here) first every day?
  9. Are you glad this quiz is almost over?
  10. Ok! It's over!

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Quiz topic: Am I a creature of habit?