What mystical creature are you ?

This quiz will let you know what mystical creature symbolizes you best. Your quiz outcome will give you a mystical creature that symbolizes you best, and a brief personality description.

If you would like to know what fairy tale creature best symbolizes your personality, take the quiz and satisfy the curiosity ! The questions are short, fun, and revealing !

Created by: bridget

  1. What location sounds most appealing ?
  2. What element attracts you most ?
  3. Which meal is most appetizing ?
  4. What colors seem most irresistible ?
  5. What mood do you experience most often ?
  6. If you could possess one of these powers, which would it be ?
  7. What activity sounds most fun ?
  8. Which would you prefer to have as a companion/pet ?
  9. What characteristic do you believe is most important ?
  10. What word describes you the LEAST ?

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Quiz topic: What mystical creature am I ?