What do you know about Graser10?

If you follow Graser on twitter and youtube then I think you would have enough knowledge to take this test. please take your time and remember that your grades will entered in the grade book.

If you know who Graser is then I would suggest taking this test because you would be able to know a bit more about Graser if you scored low on this test.

Created by: CanadianPizza200

  1. What is Graser's Real Name?
  2. What is Graser's favourite food?
  3. What does Graser upload the most?
  4. What was the first video graser uploaded?
  5. What was Graser's first minecraft username?
  6. What are Graser's cats names?
  7. What is Graser's favourite joint?
  8. What does Graser call his friends?
  9. What minecraft server does Graser play on the most?

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Quiz topic: What do I know about Graser10?