How well do you know Graser?

There are almost 300K Fans of Graser10. All of you have been challenged to take this quiz. From me being a subscriber since 20K I have really worked things out with Graser

Do you think you better than me possibly?! Or at-least pretty sick. Well you came to the right spot. Here fans cam go insane on their brains to work things out.

Created by: Kevin

  1. What did Graser first originally play?
  2. When did Graser start playing Minecraft for his channel (NOT when he made an account)
  3. Who did Graser play with on CP who still plays with him on MC today?
  4. What Cube UHC Season did Graser win in?
  5. What was Graser's First audio Commentary video?
  6. How did Graser die in UHC Season 2?
  7. What was Graser's 500th Video?
  8. Graser said this in his 1st sg "If i fail, we can all blame it on _______"
  9. What Famous SMP does Graser watch himself?
  10. How did Graser kill "Shadow" (Minecraft) in his survival series?
  11. What was Graser's VERY old minecraft skin
  12. What was Graser's second channel (He does not use it today)?
  13. What Channel was Graser in around his CP days? (CHECK THE CHANNEL OUT LOL)
  14. What was gonna be the name for the Cube SMP but Graser though it was not original enough?
  15. What is Graser called?
  16. What was Graser's Old username for MC?
  17. Did Graser reveal his face on HIS Channel?
  18. When did Graser upload his First Video?
  19. What Place is Graser at on uploading the most Hunger games?
  20. Why did Graser get Marley?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know Graser?