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A lot of people are fans of Portal, but how many know a lot about the games. Probably a lot. This will have questions about both Portal one and two.

Are you a true Portal fan? Have you played the game enough to learn all it has to tell? I hope you enjoy this quiz. It's the first I've made about video games.

Created by: Scourgefan12

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  1. Who is the playable character?
  2. Who is the main villain/villains?
  3. What meme was created by the Portal fandom?
  4. What are two songs from the game's end credits?
  5. What is "Enhancing the truth"?
  6. What is the name of the facility?
  7. What are the portal walls made of?
  8. Which of these are not in the game?
  9. GLaDOS was turned into what vegetable?
  10. What are the names of the two co-op robots?
  11. Which of these isn't a real core?

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