PORTAL QUIZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

this quiz is for serious fans. you need to find all the nooks and crannys. complete the game over and over again. i mean people who watch it over and over and over. but noones that obsessed' shady'

are YOU a portal fan? if you are , are you as good as me? it will be decided in 2 mins tops.show it off to your friends, family or your pet if you have one.

Created by: Jordan

  1. At the end of the level where you first see the turrets. what does GLaDOS threaten you with?
  2. which colour IS a colour of one of GLaDOs's cores
  3. how many rat man dens are there?
  4. which isn't a line said by the yellow core?
  5. where can you find the words 'Black mesa' in the game (excluding the song)?
  6. what is flinging in laymans terms?
  7. what stops you dying from falling?
  8. what secrets are hdden in the observing rooms
  9. what number does glados count down to before she was interrupted?
  10. what do you prefer?

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