What do you know about the Portal universe

There are lots of portal fans, but not all know some of the backround info.What do you know about Portal,do you even know what portal is? If not there is no point in doing this test.

For example, do you know ho many test subjects are sleeping in Aperture? Or what's hidden inside the Companion Cube? Do the test to see just how much you know.

Created by: Jorjie
  1. Are the Half-Life & Portal universes the same one?
  2. What's in the Companion Cubes?
  3. What's the super computer's name?
  4. What is the guidance spheres name?
  5. What's your character's name?
  6. What is the *Guns* name?
  7. What does Wheatley put GLaDos into?
  8. How many test subjects does Wheatley say there are in Courtesy Call?
  9. What is Doug Rattmann's nickname?
  10. What are the names of the Co-Op testing initiative robots?

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Quiz topic: What do I know about the Portal universe