What cube member are you?

Who are you? No really? Who are you most like. Graser, bayani, devon, tomahawk, grape or rusher. Not many but that would take way to long. Test your being to see you you really are.

I hope you enjoy this quiz, I put a lot of effort into this so dont hate. Please. Anyway, I hope you are who you want to be, if not. Why not trying again?

Created by: Sky
  1. What do you do on a Sunday morning?
  2. Invited to a party. You no that the host is a druggie. Go or naw?
  3. First thing you do on a computer?
  4. See a cute girl/boy, first thing you do.
  5. Favorite food is pizza.
  6. Leaving for a beach party. You wear?
  7. You get a cal from your crush. She/He asks you on a date. You say?
  8. What would you die without?
  9. Who would you date? (IF YOU HAD TO)
  10. You love YouTube!

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Quiz topic: What cube member am I?