Do you know Graser10?

There is a majestic creature named Graser10. Few people have ever seen this wonderful creature in life. Most seek out the videos this wonderful creature makes, and now, there is a quiz on Graser10.

Do you know Graser10? Are you able to solve the mysteries that go on in his mind? Well, this quiz will find your answer! Take it! See if you are worthy of Graser10cp!

Created by: katelyna31
  1. What does Graser10 play? (And upload him playing)
  2. What is Graser's favorite food?
  3. What is Graser10?
  4. True/False: Graser10 is ugly
  5. What is the name of Graser's Cat?
  6. What is the SMP server that Graser10 made with a bunch of friends?
  7. What country does Graser10 live in?
  8. Has Graser10 ever shown his face on Youtube?
  9. Has Graser10 ever shown his hands on Youtube?
  10. What is Graser's name in real life?
  11. What is Graser10's rumored age?
  12. What was Graser10's first video?
  13. Does Graser10 have a twitter?
  14. What has Hbomb said Graser10 looked like in an episode of the SMP?
  15. What does Graser10 do a lot when commentating with others?
  16. What does Graser10 do a lot when commentating with HBomb?

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Quiz topic: Do I know Graser10?