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  • Ummmm I hated it. You said that I was normal, that I was boring. A few problems, I am sorta popular, I make my friends laugh super hard, I have A's and B+'s in every class, I do theatre and am super into art. I love reading and I am a great writer (or so people tell me) :P Let's just say that I have a lot of pride in what I do, and that quiz of yours is kinda of offending. Telling people that they were boring, and all that other crap. Plz fix it!!!!!!! I WANT TO KNOW WHAT I CATOGORIZE AS!!!!!!!!!!

  • Popular, which is true but I'm also part of the ghetto crew and have so called 'normal' friends and a few like smart people...

  • Im not boring. This quiz is crap, my fri3nds arent normal and boring either. + im a tomboy so thoae answers were hard to answer cuz none of them really matched me.

  • i got normal, but im far from that. i think im too quiet and shy but thats just my personality and i cant help it but i try to be less anti-social but they still dont like me so i guess that is their problem.. but nice quiz, it was fun (:

  • I am a Leader of The Unity a group and I am also a Superhero (dont ask who check my username)

  • Awesome!!!! When winter Comes, Try it!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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