What do Babygriff, Babyshaffer, and Milladinise Think of You

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This is a quiz that will show if Babyshaffer, Babygriff, and Milladinise appreciate you! I really hope you enjoyed this quiz. It was really fun to make!

The animals, players, Sparks, whatever you want to call it, in Fer.al, made by Wildworks, are the Senris, cats, Kitsunes, foxes, Kirens, unicorns, Werewolves, huge wolves, Jackalopes horned rabbits, and Dragons, long snake-like things.

Created by: Mila

  1. 1. Me: Hello everyone! I hope that you enjoy my quiz and above all, have fun! If you have heard and seen The Secrets of Fer.al, which WILL come out soon, I hope that you'll enjoy my book. Anyway, back to the quiz!First, what do you think of this quiz so far?
  2. 2. Now, with whatever you chose, here are your favorite Senris!
  3. Milladinise: Hi everyone!Babygriff: *snore*Babyshaffer: Aloha!Milladinise: When'd you learn Spanish?Babyshaffer: *kicks Babygriff* I dunno.Babygriff: What? I was dreaming that I was kicking Lu- oh, children. . .Milladinise: *rolls eyes* Anyway, our first question.Babyshaffer: We're going back an-Milladinise: Do you think that Babygriff is a grouchy feline.
  4. 3. Babygriff: Alright. *Claps paws* Who agrees with me that Luka is evil?
  5. 4.Babyshaffer: Okay, my turn....Uh...Erm... uh....Can you STAND the POTATOES?!
  6. Milladinise: Okay time for the results!Babygriff: *snore*Babyshaffer: For the love of Fera, WAKE UP.Babyshaffer: *slaps Babygriff*Babygriff: *jumps up, pulling out Shimmer Sword*Milladinise: We're still meeting Y/N. It is Y/N, right?
  7. Milladinise: Anyway, thank you, are you ready to get your results?Babygriff: *snore*Babyshaffer: *grabs her Picken Hat and prepared to smack.Milladinise: *rests her paw on Babyshaffer's shoulder* Leave her alone, Babyshaffer.Babyshaffer: *sets hat on her head*Milladinise: Hope you enjoyed!Babyshaffer: Same here.Bbaygriff: ...I hate you...Milladiise: Oh dear...
  8. Me: Than you so much everyone! And the moment you've been waiting for, the RESULTS! Hope you enjoyed and share with friends!
  9. Me: Oh, I'm so sorry! I forgot. Pardon me, but I am half blind. What Spark are you?
  10. Me: Okay, Let's do it.

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