What fandom should you read next

I hope this quiz will help you to chose what fandom book to read next. There are plenty other fandom books but here's a phew popular one enjoy!!!!!!!!

Are you stuck on what book to read next ? We'll help is at hand with this quiz I hope it helps 😃.

Created by: NeonLightning12

  1. What would you say you fantasise about most?
  2. What type of love do you find yourself most interested in?
  3. What genre do you like the most ?
  4. If you had to put your life in one world would it be...
  5. What do you think interest you more?
  6. Do you prefer you hero/heroine to be...
  7. For the hero/heroines future partner(yes I mean relationship) what traits would you like for them?
  8. Would you prefer you books
  9. This was my first quiz I hope you like it did you think it was ...
  10. .

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Quiz topic: What fandom should I read next