What Fandom do you fit into?

Have you ever wondered how much you fit into a fandom? Or just are looking for your next? Well you've come to the right place! Take a gander at this quiz!

You might find your next series or even a new and exciting fandom to explore! Are you a tribute, Demigod or wizard? But the question is... Are you ready. Ready for Freddie?

Created by: Alicat
  1. First Question! *takes out flash cards and microphone* What's your Favourite food?
  2. *holds up pictures of Ships*'Who do you ship?
  3. Okay these flashcards are getting old *takes out flamethrower* FAVOURITE WEAPON?
  4. Anything you wanna be?
  5. Favourite Place? You know somewhere to get your Sass on?
  6. What are you waiting for? * Holds up sign that says YOLO*
  7. Is your Fandom crazy?
  8. Since this is nearly over and I can't think of anymore questions, Let's clique this shall we? Favourite Colour?
  9. Are you enjoying this quiz? (I have ran out of questions but this does not affect you answers.)
  10. Sooooo, Bye!

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Quiz topic: What Fandom do I fit into?