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  • Orange is my result. Yes, I was already planning on, painting my Nails Orange. I'll be doing that after, I'm done wearing Red Nail Polish. I'll wear this on December 2, because on December 1 I will be going to the doctor. I won't be having any Nail Polish on. I'll see my doctor dressed up completely Masculine. He won't know that I wear Nail Polish at all. I'll be coming home later that day. I'll be painting my Nails again. I do need, a nice pedicure. I want to have such, beautiful feet.

  • Purple eh I guess it could work.

    Beautiful Games
  • orange. okay!

    elle bee
  • Yellow. cool :)

  • Blue. I do that way too much though.

  • blue.. >_> well im a guy and i dont realy know why i took this.. but hey now i know :) thanks


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