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  • Your Result: Green Rain

    You cant help but be the inbetweener. Your both good and bad. Your trouble but also an angel. You get bored doing the same thing over so you do something different...but thatts gets you into trouble. Your not one for being shy if there is an issue you dont agree with. Some people might not like you because you tell it like it is and people don't like that.

    Wow, that describes me EXACTLY! Awesome quiz! :)

  • Pink Rain

    You are the craziest...funniest person to hang with. You take life with the flow. You are also the person people cry too and talk to cuz you know what to say and you keep secrets. But sometimes you get anxious and angry if provoked...but you don't stay mad for long:)

    sure if u wanna believe that...

  • I got blue rain! Thanks, you seem really nice too

  • Blue rain! Good quiz!!

  • Green Rain :D and thats exactly how I am :O Great Quiz (:


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