what color power ranger are you...advanced!!

this is the advanced quize for what color power ranger are you. it has alot more qwestions and is way way way more funner. its awesome cool awesome cool

are you blue are you red are you yellow are you pink are you green. take this qwiz and you will no exactly what color power ranger you are. its awesome cool awesome cool

Created by: garrett
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. are you gay
  2. are you social
  3. do you look at youself as a leader
  4. do you think your hot
  5. do you try to become friends with everyone no matter what?
  6. do you wish you were someone else
  7. do you push yourself to hard sometimes
  8. do you wish you were in another social group
  9. what do you do after school/job
  10. if you were in war you would
  11. do you envy other ppl
  12. are you yourself all the time
  13. pick a number
  14. do you like to shop
  15. do you like nighttimg or daytime
  16. do you think you take life seriously

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Quiz topic: What color power ranger am I...advanced!!