power ranger quiz

do you wonder that you are a power ranger? yes?no?this quiz tells you if you are! these questions are hard so here is a tip. oo-operation overdrive mf-mystic force mm-mighty morphin ns-ninja storm none-i am not telling

now let`s play. it is good if you watch every episode,though. let the quiz... get away,dog! sorry. ...begin!play on! wait, i mean game on! (i am a bit stupid today!)

Created by: jack

  1. (oo)how many rangers in this series?
  2. (oo)which two characters are enemys, both bad and brothers?
  3. (oo)which is hot?
  4. (general)which three are in every series?
  5. (ns)what is the blue wind ranger`s first name?
  6. (mm) which number series is this?
  7. (mf)which ranger was in operation overdrive`s once a ranger?
  8. (none)which series is after operation overdrive?
  9. (none) which character was good,bad,good,bad and good again?
  10. (none)which of the following was the second power ranger movie?

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