what color power ranger are you number two

i am sorry about wat color power ranger are you one i made a mistaketake this quiz and find out what power range you are. i am blue. this quiz is awesome. cool sweet awesome blue pink yelow orange green whit black we have cool names

i am sorry for what happend with the first quiz i added some more qwestions to this one it is even more awesome cool. green white black green red blue pink yellow pinkwe are awesome we are c you later

Created by: garrett

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. are you gay?
  2. whats yor fav color
  3. do you hate yourself
  4. would you rather die saving som1 or die protecting yourself
  5. whats your favorite name
  6. whats your hobby
  7. are you black or white
  8. are you a social person
  9. do you have fantasies about killing
  10. pick a numer
  11. pick a number

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Quiz topic: What color power ranger am I number two