what color power ranger are you 3

there are many asholes but are you gay.im gay hes gay were all gay.power ranger power ranger and power rangers.we are the champions my friend bow bow bow.we keep on fighting till the end bow bow bow.

are you a ahole no one noes take this qwiz and youll know i like me you like him we all like eachother/ i am no happy he is not happy i am not happy he is not happy

Created by: garrett
  1. are you gay
  2. do you think highly of yourself
  3. are you athletic
  4. whats your favorite animal
  5. are you racist
  6. why are you racist
  7. are you social
  8. do you wish you were in another social group?
  9. do you spend hours making yourself look good
  10. do yuo like power rangers
  11. what would you rather die from
  12. do you like licking balls
  13. why do you like licking balls
  14. whats a mangina

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Quiz topic: What color power ranger am I 3