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  • Elegant Ebony. Its exactly like me, except i have plenty of friends

    summer time May 17 '15, 10:39PM
  • this is what mine said: Your Result: Brilliant Brunette

    You are brilliant and clever and have a serious attitude. You don't let anyone push you around and you love to be taken seriously. Don't forget to soften up to your loved ones though!
    ummmmmm kinda me. im smart but im not rly serious. im funny and crazzzy and stuffs like that but ok i am a brunette!

    quizgirl101 Mar 31 '10, 5:43PM
  • 'Elegant' ebony... then I'd rather be blonde?!?!?! plus, I got brown... horrific

    Sign_sine Feb 13 '10, 1:05AM
  • ah may zing..... its like it knows me i have red hair and it said that.... magic... not really but it is pretty cool... good job on the quiz.

    bridgetshae Feb 1 '10, 8:28PM
  • Cool QUIZ!!!

    gazzalou Jan 31 '10, 2:16PM
  • im radient red *sigh*

    hale4456 Jan 30 '10, 9:57PM
  • omg i am elegant ebony!! i like description but friends part isnt true... i have millions of friends who adore me for who i am!!!! but my hair color is brunette, i must say.

    Alana Jan 30 '10, 9:33AM
  • Ebony? I dont think so...

    julesbaby Jan 29 '10, 9:55PM
  • Lilly Lilly Lilly Lilly Lilly Lilly Lilly Lilly Lilly Lilly Ginny Ginny Ginny Ginny Ginny Henry Henry Henry

    peepsheeps1 Jan 29 '10, 5:53PM
  • I got radiant red!

    MyHorseandMe Jan 28 '10, 6:19PM
  • sadly im an ebony. its personality is the complete opposite. it says i draw people in. im ugly i push them away.

    jigma98 Jan 28 '10, 12:14PM
  • mg, I'm a blondie! Overall a pretty good quiz. I liked it. Please take my quiz Do You Know Your Nintendocore?

    Hikaru Katsu Jan 27 '10, 7:30PM
  • Your Result: Boisterous Blonde

    You are sexy and charming with natural good nature. Your personality is coveted by those on the outside looking in, but you secretly envy most other people. STOP BEING SELF CONSCIOUS, YOU ARE FABULOUS!

    100% wrong, I have black hair, this quiz was s---ty, and you can't tell what hair color someone has from their favorite stuff, dumbass quizmaker.

    I like music Jan 27 '10, 10:52AM
  • Brunette, Correct, Description, almost exactly like me.

    IxXWolfieIXx Jan 20 '10, 10:04PM
  • Brilliant Brunette

    xVaMpIrEx Jan 20 '10, 7:14PM
  • Elegant Ebony.....i like the discription but the friends part isn't true, i have loads of friends who love me

    Carri04 Jan 20 '10, 7:10PM

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