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  • Your Result: Gold Eyes 77%

    Your eyes reveal a timeless personality and curiousity. You are hard to figure out, and most people can understand you. Your eyes are full of piercing interst and the will to believe anything is possible, which fits you. Behind them, however, is a dangerous mind.

    72% Brown Eyes
    68% Black Eyes
    65% Green Eyes
    53% Violet Eyes
    42% Hazel Eyes
    20% Gray eyes
    18% Blue Eyes
    I have Hazel eyes, not gold.

    Arzu YT
  • It said I have hazel eyes but to be honest, I dont really know what my eye color is. Around my pupil, it's dark brown, giving an illusion that I always have dilated pupils, but then in the middle of my eyes, it is a mix of green and blue, with dark blue around my whole eye, and my eyes change color far away between blue, gray, and green depending on my mood, what I'm wearing, and the lighting! But hazel seems to fit me better!

    Zoe Anne
  • What Color Eyes Do You Have?
    Your Result: Brown Eyes

    Brown eyes reveal loyalty, honesty and comfort. You're a warm person to be around, and everyone is comfotable around you. Your eyes are full of love and wisdom, but hidden behind them is a tender heart.

  • Black Eyes

    Your eyes reveal mystery and darkness. You are a person who gives off a distinct aura of darkness that usually makes people shy away. Your eyes are full of hate and bitterness, but inside, you're really a kind, loving soul.

    my eyes rlly are black but im not kind!

  • i got blue

    Your eyes reveal true innocence and sweetness. You're a cheerful person, who lives to make other people happy. Your eyes are full of love and and happiness. What most people don't know is that behind the blue eyes is a calculating mind.

    truly me lol

  • I took the quiz without answering the last two questions, and got brown eyes. Then I went back and put in my real eye color (blue), and it came out with blue. I don't think the quiz should have been so reliant on the last two answers. Especially because I don't know what eye color I would get. I don't know what each eye color means.

    But other than that, I really liked the quiz.

  • Brown eyes,I actually do have brown eyes but I am not a people person and very generous much. I'm more of a loner and like to keep to myself alot.

  • look, the last 2 q.s determine the answer... your real eye color is put down as your "inner" eye color and whatever color you answer as what you think it will be becomes the second closest to your answer...

  • it looks like i have hazel eyes when you look at me from far away but when you look at me close up i have blueish greenish eyes mixed with gray eyes

  • I have blue eyes but got violet as my answer, I wish I actually had them xD

  • Brown Eyes, :/ yep My eyes are brown wish they were a different color though :/

    Cierra Waz Here
  • Correct i have HAZEL eyes!!!!!:)

  • Cool. But I don't like nor do I have blue eyes. The description fits me though :)

  • I got brown but I have blue eyes
    Great quiz!

  • Nice quiz

  • lol i have hazel eyes and i got hazel eyes GO ME!



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