What character in my story are you?

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Created by: OmegaWolf9

  1. Ok, so this is a story i'm gonna write. I don't know if it's actually gonna be on the internet, but however. It's gonna be itled wolf's emperor and it's gonna be about wolves! So, this is a pretty unrealistic story, they are pretty human-like. So, i'll say the ranks from low to high: omega,gamma,delta,zeta,beta,alpha, king/queen,emperor. There are more then two alpha's in the packs, they lead, but every pack has a king and queen. They are even higher then the alpha's. and then you've got the emperor. When packs form bonds, they choose one emperor( has to be alpha) to lead all the packs. They get servants and slaves( slaves are captured criminals) to serve them. Lupus is the emperor of the star pack, the moon pack, and the river pack. He has got a son with his husband nix, crash. He is gonna be the futere emperor after his father. That's all you need to know i guess.
  2. Your job is to:
  3. You eat:
  4. Are you a good fighter?
  5. Your skill?
  6. Someone is about to attack you, what do you do?
  7. Your flaw?
  8. Favorite hobby?
  9. Your rank?
  10. Skip plz

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Quiz topic: What character in my story am I?