What wolf type are you?

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Do you like Wolves? This quiz will help you figure out what type you are. There are four different types you can get. If you get one you don’t like, just do the quiz again!

The four classes are Alpha, Beta, Omega, Rouge. They are all the classes I have made. If you like this, I'll be making more quizzes later. Enjoy! Alpha, Out!

Created by: AlphaFireWolf

  1. What is your favourite thing to do.
  2. Do you like people?
  3. What eye colour is your favourite?
  4. What is your element?
  5. Do you like anime?
  6. Are you a warrior?
  7. Do you have your own OC name?
  8. Fur colour.
  9. Male/Female? (Doesn't change anything)
  10. Biome you live in

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Quiz topic: What wolf type am I?