What character from a classic novel are you?

Characters from classic novels are so popular and enduring that they have become part of our emotional, mental, and moral being- even without knowing it! They have been around since who-knows-when, and they will be around for longer still.

This is a quiz you can take to help you discover which of these characters you are most like. You might be surprised with your results- you might not be. Have fun.

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  1. It is a Saturday morning. I get out of bed...
  2. I say this every day:
  3. If I would become famous, how would I become famous?
  4. I'd eat anything:
  5. What matters most is:
  6. You get sick with:
  7. My name is:
  8. When I walk into a room, people:
  9. One word to describe myself is:
  10. I absolutely hate:

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Quiz topic: What character from a classic novel am I?