What bey are you?

Have you ever considered yourself a beyblade, but need a way to see which one you truly are, on the INSIDE? Plus, you are going to be amazed be the level of turkeyness in this quiz!

Wait..... what is turkeyness? what if i like chicken, or ham, or a vegetarian? all those are huge parts of your inner bey. This quiz will realese it.PS. There is a reason for the extra BOOP in there.

Created by: Hyper Capricorn 1118 of Beys 4Ever
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  1. What grade are you?
  2. Did you know that all of your previous questions had absolutely no effect on which bey you are? hahaha
  3. ok... THE REAL QUESTIONS START NOW. How would you describe yourself using an object?
  4. If you could be anything of these, which you'd you be?
  6. Be honest.... have you been using the chicken answers to all these questions?
  7. Do you want...
  9. BE SERIOUS..... what is your level of turkeyness?
  10. How do feel about this quiz?
  11. Are you...
  12. If you get basalt horogium, the last sentence is supposed to say"oh and..... PENDULUM DRIVE !!!!!!!!!!

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Quiz topic: What bey am I?