Which Oc's Of Mine Are You Most Like?

HI!!! If your here, it's probable because you read my fanfic's, as fan person, I will tell you which one of my Oc's you are most like, please remember I'm using my Oc's from metal fight beyblade ( Oc means other character, to let ya know ).

Are you the free spirited Casey? Or prohaps Gwan and his manners you want, could you be his twin brother, Zack? Or are you bored and thought this quiz looked fun? In that case, I'm half sure you don't know about me, fan person, from fanfiction. Net, who writes mainly for metal fight beyblade... This is getting lengthy, so see ya!

Created by: Fan person

  1. Are you a skilled fighter?
  2. How mannerful are you?
  3. Are you adventerious? ( family trips included )?
  4. If your a girl, do you act pretty much like a tomboy?
  5. Do you think the world hates you?
  6. Do you think life wants you dead?
  7. Can you cuss without a problem?
  8. Are you almost always honest? Or always honest?
  9. Did you have a rough past? Being in the wild for a year counts?
  10. Who do you hope to get? ( will not effect the final score at all )?
  11. What do you mostly wear? Or wish to wear really badly?
  12. Do you know about who I am? I know I putted up there * points to the top * but do you REALLY know who I am, like what facfic's I like, the name of my fanfic's? At least one? ( no effect )?

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Quiz topic: Which Oc's Of Mine am I Most Like?